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Seed potatoes are the foundation for next year

Seed potatoes are the foundation for next year

Each country and each population has its own preferences regarding how potatoes should look, taste and be cooked. So all over the world, local growers need seed potatoes that meet their customers’ specific wishes. Whether table potatoes, potatoes for the processing industry or organically grown potatoes. Cultivation conditions can vary from country to country. Type of soil, climate, fertilisation and storage conditions are all key factors determining the end result. With an extensive range of varieties Agrico has the potato that best meets the wishes of our customers.

Premium quality seed potatoes

We export seed potatoes to potato growers all over the world. Growers can choose from a range comprising more than 80 varieties. These seed potatoes are grown by 600 specialised Agrico growers. Our product technical department intensively supervises those growers throughout the cultivation process.

International network of subsidiaries and agents

Our cooperative’s seed potatoes are exported to more than 75 countries all over the world. Our head office coordinates sales and the introduction of new varieties. We work closely together with an extensive international network of subsidiaries and agents. And where possible we organise sales efforts together with local markets to tailor our approach and the support we offer growers to local conditions.

Are you looking for premium quality seed potatoes? Then visit the ‘I am a seed potato buyer’ page. You can also contact us, free of obligation, by email at Agrico or by telephone on + 31 (0)527 639911.


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