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Innovative projects by Agrico

Innovative projects

As a major international potato cooperative, Agrico initiates and participates in various innovative projects. The summary below introduces you to a number of these projects, with a link to the relevant website for more information.

Research into improved traits of the potato

EU-SOL is one of the projects Agrico is participating in. This EU-funded project focuses on studying traits of the potato and the tomato.
The aim of the EU-SOL project is to develop high quality tomato and potato varieties with improved traits important for consumers, processors and producers. The project particularly focuses on mapping, isolating and characterizing genes underlying important traits such as:
  • healthiness;
  • nutritional value;
  • flavour;
  • fragrance;
  • shelf life;
  • starch composition;
  • yield;
  • plant architecture.

Genomic research into aspects of disease resistance in the potato

Another project that Agrico is involved in is the Center for Biosystems Genomics, a temporary Dutch consortium of universities, research institutes and companies. This consortium conducts genomic research into aspects of disease resistance in potatoes and tomatoes.

Agrico’s new communication concept

Another innovative project is the development of a new internet portal as part of a new, transparent and open communication style. Internet is occupying an increasingly central role in society. The website is our gateway to the outside world on the digital highway. We welcome visitors from all walks of life. For instance growers, individuals, local and national authorities, consumers, lobby groups, customers, banks, the press etc. Agrico's new internet portal is designed to optimally serve these information consumers. Our growers, and shortly our customers too, can also log in to a secure portal. This portal gives our growers and customers exclusive information.


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