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Growing table potatoes for a sophisticated marketing program

Growers at Agrico benefit from an acreage planning that is based on a sophisticated marketing program. You grow potatoes backed up by the certainty that we will sell them as well as possible.

Agrico has a package of varieties that offers extreme versatility. There is always a potato that suits your soil and market.

Agrico is also a solid partner for growers of table potatoes. After you have supplied your table potatoes you will receive a credit note. After receiving this note we will pay your advance within a week. At the end of the season we know precisely what the financial results were and you will receive the remaining sum.

By growing table potatoes for Agrico you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our advisors and our research department. We are continuously searching for varieties that match the wishes of our customers and your wishes even better.

Would you like to know more about our table potatoes? Take a look at our variety database, or contact Agrico by e-mail or by telephone on + 31 (0)527 639911.

Growing table potatoes for a sophisticated marketing program


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