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Huge choice in seed potatoes

Agrico has commercially interesting varieties that are sold in more than 75 countries. This means that we always have a variety that suits your particular type of soil and market.

Our pool system means that you will always get a fair price and the highest possible compensation for your seed potatoes. You are part of a strong, healthy non-profit cooperative.

If you grow seed potatoes for Agrico you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our advisors and our research department.

Our research department is continuously searching for even better potatoes with even better characteristics. This meticulous selection process results in a number of new, commercially interesting potato varieties each year.

Would you like to know more about our seed potatoes? Take a look at our variety database or contact Henk van der Woude by e-mail or by telephone on + 31 (0)527 639812.


Henk van der Woude

Postbus 70, 8300 AB Emmeloord
Duit 15, 8305 BB Emmeloord
+31(0)527-639 513