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Bioselect is a recognised name in the world of organic potatoes

With 65 affiliated organic growers and a cultivation area of more than 750 hectares, Agrico is the largest supplier of organically grown seed and ware potatoes. Those potatoes are grown and sold under the name ‘Bioselect’. Growing your organic potatoes for Agrico means you can enjoy the benefits of a broad European marketing channel. As a table potato, crisps, chips or other type of potato-based product, your potatoes will reach consumers via supermarkets, health food stores and speciality green grocer's.

To ensure your crop has a future full of good potential, you need healthy and disease resistant propagating material, with the right characteristics for the intended use. To find varieties that will give you the optimal end result, our own breeding and research station trials dozens of varieties under organic conditions in our trial fields throughout Europe. This selection process takes years, but it has resulted in a wide range of potato varieties.

Would you like to know more about our organic potatoes? Take a look at our variety database, or contact Agrico by e-mail or by telephone on + 31 (0)527 - 639911.

Bioselect is a recognised name in the world of organic potatoes


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