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A challenging work placement or thesis assignment

Are you still studying and looking for a challenging work placement or thesis assignment? Agrico and Agrico Research can offer you both.

Each year, Agrico has a number of placements for work experience or graduation projects for students at secondary vocational education, higher vocational education and university level. Are you looking for a well-supervised and educational work placement, or expert guidance during your graduation project? Send a letter outlining your motivation, including your CV by e-mail to Yvonne Rook. We can then see if we can help each other.

In you letter of motivation, please state:
  • the subject you are currently studying;
  • the year in which you are studying;
  • whether you want a work experience or a graduation placement;
  • the period in which you want to gain work experience or graduate;
  • the requirements set on the work placement or graduation project by your college or university;
  • the assignment you want to complete or your personal interests.

You will naturally receive remuneration from Agrico during the work placement or graduation project.

Meet your future colleagues here.

Do you have any questions? Please send an e-mail to Yvonne Rook or telephone + 31 (0)527 639930.


Yvonne Rook

Postbus 70, 8300 AB Emmeloord
Duit 15, 8305 BB Emmeloord
+31(0)527-639 930