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After studying Business Administration and Agribusiness, Ruurd embarked on a traineeship at Agrico in 2006 which ultimately led to his current position as junior export manager for seed potatoes. Ruurd spent 18 months working in other departments and abroad to help him grow into his job and familiarise himself with the organisation. The work suits him extremely well, so Ruurd has every intention of staying at Agrico for the foreseeable future.

Ruurd Lindenbergh, junior exportmanager seed potatoesRuurd Lindenbergh, junior export manager, seed potatoes

The title of my multifaceted job is junior export manager, seed potatoes. My work is incredibly varied. I draw up sales schedules and handle customer relationship management and financial management, but I'm also responsible for launching and testing new varieties. And of course I'm responsible for sales of seed potatoes in the countries I have been assigned. I travel 80 days a year, as I have to do a significant amount of my work abroad.

Training at Agrico

Before I took my traineeship at Agrico, I studied at the Van Hall Institute in Leeuwarden. Having gained a higher vocational education qualification in Business Administration and Agribusiness there, I joined Agrico in December 2006.

Agrico set up a special two-year traineeship for my job. During this time I worked in grower logistics and Agrico Research. After that I joined the seed potato department. In this department I was sent on an overseas programme to agents in South Africa and Spain, our branch in Canada and our subsidiary in Desmazières, France. It was fascinating to discover that each company and each region has their own specific way of doing things when it comes to organisation, growing and doing business.

The challenge for Ruurd

Naturally, as a salesman your aim is to sell as many seed potatoes as possible at an attractive price. In the markets I service, it is important to support the customers and look out for opportunities. The ultimate challenge for me is to successfully tap into and develop a new market and develop the structure that goes with it.

Very pleasant and professional atmosphere

Working at Agrico means working in a very pleasant and professional atmosphere. Wherever possible, staff are involved in new developments in the organisation, particularly when it comes to the international market. I really get the impression we are all striving to achieve our optimum potential. Besides all the contacts you have within the company, you're also in touch with lots of foreign customers and agents. Operating in different cultures is very interesting. My job gives me the opportunity to get to know other cultures and customs on both a business and a social level.


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