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Every week he gets thousands of tons of potatoes from the growers to the customers. He keeps in touch with growers, buyers, grading stations, cold stores and haulage companies at home and abroad. After three years with the company, how does René look back on his first few days at work? And does he see scope to develop further in the future? Over to René.

René Vernooij, logistics administrator table potatoesRené Vernooij, logistics administrator, table potatoes

My job title is logistics administrator, table potatoes department. I am mainly involved in all the processes to do with getting the product from A to B. I am in touch with customers and suppliers (growers) about shipments. I organise the transport, I make sure the grading stations and cold stores get their instructions on time, and I oversee stock control.

My first few weeks at Agrico

I have been with Agrico for more than three years now. I started out in the seed potatoes department in the customer logistics block, where I arrived on 1 December 2007 just as the season was in full swing. After a short induction, I didn't have long to learn the ropes. There just wasn't much time. But with my experience in my previous job this wasn't a problem, and I managed to pick things up fast with the help of my colleagues.

From seed potatoes to table potatoes

After my first season in seed potato customer logistics, I took over as general logistics coordinator for all potato shipments by boat. After two seasons in seed potatoes, I was asked to join the table department as a logistics administrator. This enabled me to put my wide experience to even better use. I am in my second season now. Besides my job in the logistics department, I have also been asked to work on a project to automate the company's administrative organisation. In October I will also be starting an agricultural business administration course at the Dronten University of Applied Sciences. Agrico is supporting me in this.

An open culture makes for a pleasant environment

Agrico is a flat organisation, and the directors' doors are always open. It has an open culture in which personal input is valued very highly. Agrico is a no-nonsense organisation that is close to its growers and its customers. Responsibility, commitment and reliability, but also knowledge and expertise, are all part of the corporate culture at Agrico. I really enjoy working in this environment.

Plenty of room for development

Agrico and I suit each other very well. I can see that there is room to grow here going forward. It's all about identifying, creating and using opportunities. Agrico offers opportunities. It's up to me to do something with them.


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