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It's not only starters and professionals who get challenging jobs: Agrico also welcomes interns. We offer excellent supervision and instructive work placements and graduation. As Martine found out for herself. Martine started an internship at Agrico in 2009 and had the opportunity to develop her own portfolio model.

Martine Myijsers, work placementMartine Muijsers, work placement

As part of an internship assignment for my Business Administration and Agribusiness course, I set up a portfolio analysis at Agrico. A portfolio analysis is a marketing model which enables you to map the position of a product in a market. I set up this model together with the Agrico marketing manager and used it for the German potato market.

Working for Agrico

When I started my internship I had no idea that Agrico would turn out to be such a multifaceted and interesting company. There are lots of different departments, so there is scope for people studying a wide range of subjects. I felt really welcome here. My supervision was excellent and I was given lots of opportunities to learn. Also, I never expected Agrico to be so fresh in its outlook, so open and international. I really enjoyed my time there and I learned such a lot.

Great atmosphere

All the staff were prepared to help me with my assignment, no matter how busy they were. I felt like I was treated as a fully-fledged employee, and Agrico involved me in everything. This makes you feel welcome and enables you to do your very best! Nothing was ever too much trouble.

Proud of the end result

I found it so interesting and so educational to work with so many different people. You not only learn a lot about Agrico and the potatoes they sell, but also how to work in a team. I am really proud of the end result. It was not an easy assignment but with good supervision I managed to produce something the organisation is actually still using!


Yvonne Rook

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