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An organisation where you can grow

Through cooperation Agrico has evolved into an organisation that markets potatoes all over the globe, breeds new varieties and invents innovative solutions. Each step in the process from the development of new varieties to the cultivation of fields full of potatoes receives great care.

We have grown to become a global player through the cooperation between our growers, breeders, employees, partners and customers. Something as powerful as this can grow from such a simple idea as cooperation.

A professional organisation with enthusiastic colleagues

Working for Agrico means working for a professional organisation. New employees are expertly supervised by a team of enthusiastic and loyal colleagues. We highly value employees who use their own initiative and show a willingness to develop. Agrico naturally offers a market commensurate salary, training opportunities amd facilities.

Why not meet a few of your colleagues by taking a look at the future colleagues page. The vacancies page lists the current job opportunities at Agrico. On the work placement page more about interesting work placements and thesis options.


Yvonne Rook

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