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Our mission and vision

Our mission

  • Based on its cooperative structure, Agrico is a company of potato growers which is engaged in breeding, growing, collecting, packing and marketing of potatoes.
  • By responding to the needs of consumers, Agrico is a reliable partner for its customers and by having a strong position in the market chain, it aims to contribute as much as possible to the income of its members.
  • Agrico conducts its activities in an efficient, responsible and result-driven way, offers a challenging environment for its employees and is a reliable supplier of high-quality products for its buyers.

Our vision

  • Agrico is the market leader and global player in the market-oriented development of potato varieties and the production and marketing of high quality seed and table potatoes, grown both in the organic and conventional way.
  • Agrico serves the entire chain from developing new varieties to the consumer.



Postbus 70, 8300 AB Emmeloord
Duit 15, 8305 BB Emmeloord
+31(0)527-639 911